Monday, 9 February 2015

Recognizing your entrepreneurial streaks

While some people grow up with the idea of one day becoming an entrepreneur, others grow into developing this idea. Regardless, below are some signs that will help you identify your entrepreneurial streaks and tell you whether you are an entrepreneur or not.

This is probably by far the single most important characteristic and sign that someone is an entrepreneur. If you don’t have passion you will never make it towards success. There may be times in the life of a businessman when he may have to live with several days, months, and even years without the generation of any profits at all.

You as an entrepreneur may initially have absolutely no customer base, profits, and no financial support. It is being driven and being passionate that will keep you pushing forwards towards the goal. It is the passion that acts like a driving force towards the achievement of what you want to be regardless of the hardships and set-backs.

Another signs that you are an entrepreneur is if you are never used to taking no for an answer, ever! These people always figure out a way to make the impossible possible. They are fiercely competitive in nature. Just as they never take no for an answer, they are never willing to lose. It is in their nature. For them there are no ifs and buts.  

Niraj Goel:

It is because of the fiercely competitive nature of Niraj Goel, that he founded Clone Algo Group. He is a living testimony of what truly defines an entrepreneur.

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