Monday, 23 February 2015

A Testimony Of Modestly And Humbleness – Niraj Goel

Niraj Goel is one of a kind personality who never believed in quitting. There are many adjectives that are used for describing this great personality. A few of those adjectives are ‘an innovator’, ‘a philanthropist’, ‘tech-entrepreneur’, ‘the next Warrant Buffet’, ‘the youngest NRI tech billionaire ever’, etc. He is also known to be the richest person in Singapore.

All of these titles are apt for describing different shades of his personality and they are not enough. There are many different shades of his personality that not many people are aware of. Everyone knows Niraj Goel for the success that he achieved and for the huge fortune he made for himself, but not many people are aware of the fact that this fine individual had a very humble beginning.

Niraj Goel didn’t inherit the business which he owns today. He came from a regular family and spent his childhood in Punjab eating street food with his friends. Years afterwards when he has achieved unprecedented level of success, Goel still misses those early years of his life and childhood.

Even though he has travelled almost the entire world, he still feels nostalgic whenever he thinks of those days. He can still remember the taste of street food he used to enjoy as a kid. Such humility is not often seen these days.

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