Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Niraj Goel – A Man With Great Vision

Each one of us on this earth as a human being, dreams about becoming a millionaire or billionaire, but for most of us it is just a dream an only a few actually take the first step to turn this goal into reality. You cannot be a millionaire over night. Many of us end up spending a lifetime to decide whether this dream can become true and only a handful work on realization to make it happen. Few of us then left our dreams in ditches as feel that this is not possible and there are many hurdles in achieving. At last only a chunk of us actually make it till the end.

Niraj Goel is personality who became youngest billionaire from India (NRI) at the age of 44. This achievement has made him a true trend setter, that if someone has a vision to change the world and make life easy for the people. At very young stage, Niraj Goel decided what he wanted to do in his life and where he wants to be.

When Niraj Goel took off for the foreign land, he did not have a fortune in his pockets or anything else based on which make his dreams true. But surely he has that commitment to himself and a vision to achieve his life goals. As he was interested in financial markets from young age and he decided to start from the scratch and became a part of artificial intelligence in trading world, which was still in its initial developmental phase back then.

At present, he is a well known personality around the world and the founder of his CloneAlgo group of companies, which spans in many countries around the globe. The group has launched several mobile applications for Smartphone based on Android and iOS platforms; that use artificial intelligence in their algorithms to automate Algo trading, financial transactions, hotel booking, and what not. Goel today holds the title to be among top 5 richest persons in South East Asia and 6th richest tech-billionaire in Asia.

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