Thursday, 29 January 2015

Avid writer and humanitarian – Mr. Goel

A self-made billionaire Niraj Goel was born in Punjab, India. Over the time the media has started giving him the title of ‘next warren buffet in making’. This great NRI entrepreneur has unleashed his potential which kept brewing during the last 26 years.

For all this time his company Clone Algo Group was in making since the year 1988. Goel today has a fortune of several billion dollars all of which was earned by him on his own.  He continues to inspire billions of young aspiring candidates who want to earn a name for them in the world of business.

This inspirational personality also happens to be an avid and highly active philanthropist. There are so many charitable institute functional thanks to the funding offered by Goel on a regular basis. While some of his charitable organizations provide funding for children’s education others are working for the betterment of poor sections and for helping the elderly and senior citizens.

In addition to all of his other contributions, Goel is also an avid writer. He has authored a couple of books all of which revolve around his inspiring success story.  How I traded $300 billion in one year, billionaire Buddha, How I made my first billion, and The Billionaire in You are some of his offerings in the field of writing. 

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Small Town Dweller That Became a Prominent Tech Billionaire

Niraj Goel comes from a small town in India located in the state of Punjab. This small town boy was born to be a ruler. Who would have thought that someone coming from a regular family background would make it to such great heights of success?

Niraj with his efforts has proved that sky is the limit. He is a living testimony that hard work pays off. Goel today is counted in the league of personalities like Shiv Nadar, Ratan Tata, and all the great leaders form India. In fact he is not given the title of the next Warren Buffet from India.

Niraj is the founder of Clone AlgoGroup that is functional in several countries like Singapore, India, New Zealand, UAE, Germany, Malaysia and the United States of America.

This gentleman particularly has strong standing in Singapore. He is the richest person in Singapore and one of the leading tech billionaires from India in all over the world. Goel has amazing reach in the world of business particularly in the technology industry that belongs to artificial intelligence.

Goel has been a part of tech arena for the last 26 years and more. He has made a significant contribution in this field.

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

An Avid Writer and a Donor- Niraj Goel

Niraj Goel has always taken in helping other sections of the society. He is an extremely proactive philanthropist and takes pleasure in other’s joy. Niraj wants to transform the young generations of society and lead them towards becoming as successful as he himself is today.

With that in mind, Niraj Goel who is the youngest billionaire from India has authored a couple of books, all of which provide insight of his journey of life as well as career.

Niraj has locked down several valuable and precious gemstones of advice and tips on how one become as successful as he is today. So it won’t be wrong to say that Niraj Goel has got several beautiful shades to his personality. In addition to being a world-renowned tech entrepreneur, he is also an avid writer.

This avid writer has made India proud with his amazing success in the world of business. A few of the books that has been authorized and launched by Goel are listed below:
  •  How I traded $300 billion in one year
  •  Billionaire Buddha
  •  The Billionaire in You
  •  How I made my first billion
  •  Cloning the Billionaire

This great personality and his company Clone Algo Group is all set to make investment across Indian and Malaysian markets. The investment will be worth several billion dollars.

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Youngest NRI Billionaire – Niraj Goel

Born in 1969, a small town called Nabha in Punjab, Niraj Goel is an Indian businessman based currently in Singapore. He is often titled to be the youngest billionaire from India. After receiving his education from the prestigious Bishop Cotton School in  Shimla, the same institute that is known for its association with famous alumni like Ratan Tata, Goel went ahead and attended Panjab University in Chandigarh for his graduate degree.

Later on in 1993, he received degree in MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from the renowned Newport University in the United States.

Career highlights of Niraj Goel:

Niraj Goel has had an incredibly successful and inspiring journey in terms of his career. At a very young age, he moved to Singapore to give wings to his career goals and dreams. He has been an integral and important part of financial technology industry since the year 1988.

Most of his time was spent developing various financial technologies. He has always been an enthusiastic investor in the world of innovation of intellectual properties. There are over 50 innovations in insurance sectors and financial technology for which he is credited.

As of now, he is the president of Clone Algo Group based in Nevada, Singapore and New Zealand that has been into making since 1988. He is also the founder of Dragon Holdings AG, Munich, Germany. His companies are doing intensive work in algorithmic trading and other financial world.

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Niraj Goel’s Clone Algo Group to invest Rs.2000 crores in New Technology Facilities in India

Monday, 19 January 2015

A testament of humility – Niraj Goel

An extremely rooted and humble personality, Niraj Goel is a fine testimony of humility and humbleness. Despite having achieved unprecedented success in world of business and technology, this great personality is still rooted and grateful for his humble beginning. He derives pleasure in seeing others become as successful as he is today.

The founder of Clone Algo Group, Niraj Goel has earned a worth of several billion dollars as of now. He spends a substantial percentage of his income in uplifting the poverty-stricken sections of the society and those who are in need of it. There are several charitable organizations that are sponsored by him.

He is very particular about helping various sections of the society. The reason behind why this highly successful businessmen and market maker is so considerate about helping others is probably because he still remembers his humble beginning.

Goel knows the kind of struggle people have to make when they are not born with a silver spoon. Goel is the first in his line to have earned a name in the corporate world, all on his own. He was born in a middle class family and used to enjoy street food with his friends in the streets of his home town Ludhiana, in Punjab.

Goel still misses that time and even though he has travelled almost the entire world, he still misses the taste of that street food.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Generating Employment across Asian Economies

The boom that technology industry has gone through especially during the last decade is astounding. It is because of growth in this field that a lot of people have been able to get their dream jobs. Technology industry has made a huge contribution in generating more employment opportunities over the last few years especially for younger generations in various economies like that of Malaysia and India.

Niraj Goel, the founder of CloneAlgo Group is all set to generate even more job opportunities for people in India and Malaysia as he is set to make investments of Rupees 2000 crores in India and RM 500 million in Malaysia. This is huge news for these countries’s tech arena.

Niraj Goel’s area of expertise and specialization is in the financial trading business. He is a market maker and an innovator in the field of trading. He is best known for integrating technology in this field as his company has designed smart algorithms that offer automated trading services to people around the globe.

These huge investments by Goel’s group will be used towards launching and setting up a research facility, back office, and programming. The company will be doing further research into refining its trading algorithms into working faster and spotting trends.

The tailor made algorithms by Goel’s Clone Algo Group helps people generate passive income. This trading technology will be made better after the investment is made.

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Niraj Goel's Clone Algo group to invest Rs 2,000 crore in India 

Las Vegas-based Clone Algo group to invest Rs 2,000 cr in India

Clone Algo To Invest RM500 Million In Malaysia