Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Great Visionary and A Noble Man – Niraj Goel

There have been many great personalities in the world that changed the perspective of the entire world. One more name that was wrapped under the sheets for so long is, Niraj Goel. He is one of the few personalities who achieved great success all on his own.

He is said to be in the league of successful people like Warren Buffet, Shiv Nadar, Rattan Tata, etc. Owing to his great success which he gathered in the field of sophisticated algorithmic technology, Goel has many charitable trusts that are funded and sponsored by him.

The Goel’s Foundation Trust, Goel’s Healthcare Foundation Trust, and Goel’s Senior Citizens Foundation Trust are three of the major charitable organizations working under his name.

The first foundation works to provide children with the privilege to get quality education. Similarly, the trust for healthcare as the name is suggestive has been set up to those who can’t afford quality healthcare services on their own. The third foundation, which is Goel’s Senior Citizens Foundation Trust aims to help the elderly and aged people.

Other than all of this, he also founded the Singapore Innovation League which has pledged to offer a funding of SGD 1.5 billion to 500 startups in the field of technology that deserve to grow and flourish.

Niraj Goel’s office website:


  1. Steve, Mr. Niraj is a man of substance. Being an NRI, still he has love to India and looking growth. He is investing huge funds in next 2 years..