Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A Proud Technopreneur, A Writer And An Active Humanitarian – Mr. Goel

Born and raised in princely town of Ludhiana, Niraj Goel was born in the year 1969. He is a renowned Indian businessman and is currently based in Singapore. Mr. Goel can often be seen scoring news headlines in various media channels from time to time for his philanthropy work as well as his contribution in the field of timing technology and algo trading based on artificial intelligence.

He has a lot of experience in the field of technology; 26 years to be precise. He is a proud cottonian (a student of Bishop Cotton School in Shimla). His Alma mater is Punjab University, Chandigarh. After completing graduation he went to the USA to study management, where he enrolled himself in the Newport University.

Today, he has earned the title of a billionaire, all because of his years of intense learning and hard work. He is one of the personalities from India, who are known for their highest net worth. He sleeps for only few hours every day and regularly practices meditation which keeps him going.

He is credited for conducting a lot of research and development, and bringing innovation in the field of artificial intelligence. Under his entrepreneurship he has launched several systems and applications that deploy this sophisticated technology. While one of his apps allows booking hotel reservations another one allows users to do algorithmic trading without the emotional stress and hassle.

His achievements do not end at entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Mr. Goel is an avid writer too and to share his knowledge base with everyone, he has published several best-seller books that give amazing insight on how people can achieve success in their life.

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Niraj Goel - A True Gentleman And Philanthropist

Niraj Goel is a true gentleman who has spent more than 28 years in the technology and finance industry. Through these years he has done some majorly intensive work on developing algorithms using artificial intelligence. He is the founder of a huge corporate umbrella. He founded Clone Algo Inc. in 2014 which has been in the making since 1988.

Niraj Goel never forgets his humble beginning which is probably the thing that keeps his grounded and attached to his roots. As he remembers his humble beginning, Goel always make sure to donate a huge part from his earnings towards the poor and the needy and those who could use a helping hand.

He is very committed to bringing a positive transformation in the lives of various communities which is why he is always honored with the title of an active humanitarian. There are so many charitable trusts on his name some of which are:

·         the Goel’s Healthcare Foundation Trust

·         the Goel’s Senior Citizens Foundation Trust

Very recently Goel also launched Singapore Innovation League, a tech investment firm started with the intention of assisting 500 tech startups firms from Singapore. It has started with several billion dollars worth of initial funding which it intends to distribute among rising tech startups.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A Man Who Reached Pinnacle Of Success – Niraj Goel

A leading businessman of Indian origin, Niraj Goel is the owner of a huge corporate umbrella. His company Clone Algo Inc has been in the making since 1988 and was quite recently launched in the year 2014. His company is functional in various countries some of which include the United States, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Germany.

Other than Clone Algo Inc. Niraj Goel also oversees the activities related to Dragon Holdings AG which is another company founded by him that operates in Munich, Germany. Niraj Goel has been his own fortune maker. He always believed in integrity, hard work, and the powerful of undying willpower.

Goel was determined to achieve success in the world of entrepreneurship and business, and that is the keyword ‘determination’. He explored his entrepreneurial streaks for the first time at a very young age when he was still in college. After completing his education from Punjab University in Chandigarh and Newport University in the US, Goel went to Singapore to further explore his option.

In Singapore Goel explored the financial and technology industries. He is a remarkable market maker and a technopreneur. HE has spend around 26 years carrying out intense research and development work in het fields of Probability Generation, Timing Technology Beyond Technical Analysis, and Dukandari approach to Algos.

Other than Clone Algo, some of his other ventures include Singapore Innovation League (SIL) founded in 2014.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Niraj Goel – A Visionary Technopreneur

With almost 28 years of experience in the field of Technological research and development as well as market making, Niraj Goel has established himself as a veteran. Calling him a prodigy would be an understatement.

He has spend over two decades developing Research and development center for various field some of which including Dukandari approach to algos, probability generation, as well as timing technology beyond technical analysis. Quite recently he founded SingaporeInnovation league (SIL). He is credited for developing more than one technology under the name Goel Ventures.


Some of his investments other than SIL are ecosystems and smart phone applications like Clone Algo, and YAY. Niraj Goel has been serving as the chairman of Dragon Holdings AG since the year 2010. He is currently o the supervisory board of the company. Owing to his innovation and visionary Goel has created a virtually integrated company under this name.

He has developed apps for this company such as risk management systems as well as (GAPG) Group Algorithm Profitability Generator. Goel established his first business venture when he was still in college. Other than Dragon Holdings, he has also established Clone Algo Inc.

His business venture Dragon Holdings in Germany is listed in Berlin Stock exchange. It has been listed under ticker symbol DRA. The ADR of Dragon Holdings ticker DRGHY is listed in the USA. His company Clone Algo Inc. develops various mobile applications using artificial intelligence in algorithms. Clone Algo Technologies Inc. (CATI) is a technology company and uses well advanced technologies in developing new media technologies, mobile applications and web applications, primarily, the company is funded by Singapore Innovation League. The company is listed at stock exchange in USA. Currently the company is working on various projects like YAY, iBID, etc.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

How To Keep Your Motivation Level High!

It is motivation and only motivation that helps us balance all aspects of our life. Motivation is what inspired us to keep doing certain things and push our own limits for the achievement of something. It helps us come out of our comfort zone. If we lack this one thing in our life we are likely to throw away our crucial time and neglect everything important in our life both professional and personal.
Even the people who are supposed to be most determined of all sometimes lose this crucial thing in life. Just like we need to bath everyday to keep our hygiene level optimum, the same way we need to give ourselves a daily dose of motivation to remind ourselves of what it is that we want from life. It takes a highly determined mind to keep up with it the way Niraj Goel did.
The best practice to keep your motivation level at par is to constantly keep reminding yourself of the goals. Generally we tend to divide our goals into as per short and long term. At no point allow yourself to lose sight of the goals or else you will continue to feel less and less motivated. Keep on checking how close you have gotten to the goal.
It is great to learn from greatest personalities like Niraj Goel and read their stories of how they achieved success. Take lessons from them and implement them in our lives.

Niraj Goel is a self made billionaire and Indian business magnate with highly established business in Singapore and several other countries. He was born in 1969 in Punjab, India. Goel owes his success to determination and will to achieve success.
Considering he oversees the work of his group that is functional across so many countries including the United States, Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia, Goel happens to have an extremely hectic schedule which is apparent from the fact that he sleeps only for an hour and works almost 100 hours a week.
He is a firm believer in the powers of medication as well as Nirvana. He practices meditation to keep his energy levels high. Over the last 28 Year Niraj Goel has done some major and intensive research across various technological and financial fields some of which include
  •        Timing technology beyond technical analysis
  •          probably generator
  •     and, Dukandari approach to algos
His major contribution comes from the field of artificial intelligence for which he devoted his time and efforts for development and designing of algorithms used for developing mobile applications, algo trading systems as well as risk management systems for financial items. Niraj Goel and his company have designed several products in terms of mobile apps.

Monday, 16 March 2015

A Genius In His Field – Mr.Niraj Goel

Niraj Goel is an Indian entrepreneur, who is primarily into technology and financial field. He is a tech billionaire from India who made a fortune for himself through financial trading. He is primarily a market maker, but just calling him that would be an understatement.

He is a highly influential and multi-talented person who has almost three decades of experience in financial and automated trading. Niraj Goel is a great personality to learn a lot from. He is very particular about his meditation schedule and he is also a firm believer in Nirvana.

There is a part of him that is into spirituality and no matter how filled up his work schedule is he never misses out on meditation.

Goel had great aspirations from the beginning about making a name for him in the technology and finance industry. Once he found the first step towards his destiny he never looked back, and as they say the rest is history.

Today he is counted among some of the most high profile and a-list entrepreneurs of not just India, but from the world. He started out from Punjab, and kept on creating a path for himself towards unprecedented success.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Imagine Success To Be Successful!

Who doesn’t want to achieve success in life! But wishing for it is easier than actually doing anything about it. Accomplishing a monumental goal becomes challenging because our lives are full of countless distractions. However, there are definitely certain ways which can help people stay focused on their goal and maintain a disciplined lifestyle that helps in the achievement of goal.

If you want to be successful you need to first imagine how it would feel to finally have success. Even Einstein said that strong imagination is more powerful than knowledge. The more accurately and clearly you can imagine success it will get easier for you to follow through. You can think of it how engineers first imagine the blueprints of a bridge before building it.

Try to be the engineer of your future and the success it should hold. Niraj Goel had his entire future planned out for himself. He was extremely precise about where you wanted to be, and how to go about it. We all can learn from Niraj Goel on how to imagine being successful.

Every single day we need to dedicate few minutes doing the same practice. Imagine how it feels to eventually get what you wanted. Savor that feeling and use that feeling as a source of motivation to keep that spark and drive for success alive.

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Niraj Goel – A Man With Great Vision

Each one of us on this earth as a human being, dreams about becoming a millionaire or billionaire, but for most of us it is just a dream an only a few actually take the first step to turn this goal into reality. You cannot be a millionaire over night. Many of us end up spending a lifetime to decide whether this dream can become true and only a handful work on realization to make it happen. Few of us then left our dreams in ditches as feel that this is not possible and there are many hurdles in achieving. At last only a chunk of us actually make it till the end.

Niraj Goel is personality who became youngest billionaire from India (NRI) at the age of 44. This achievement has made him a true trend setter, that if someone has a vision to change the world and make life easy for the people. At very young stage, Niraj Goel decided what he wanted to do in his life and where he wants to be.

When Niraj Goel took off for the foreign land, he did not have a fortune in his pockets or anything else based on which make his dreams true. But surely he has that commitment to himself and a vision to achieve his life goals. As he was interested in financial markets from young age and he decided to start from the scratch and became a part of artificial intelligence in trading world, which was still in its initial developmental phase back then.

At present, he is a well known personality around the world and the founder of his CloneAlgo group of companies, which spans in many countries around the globe. The group has launched several mobile applications for Smartphone based on Android and iOS platforms; that use artificial intelligence in their algorithms to automate Algo trading, financial transactions, hotel booking, and what not. Goel today holds the title to be among top 5 richest persons in South East Asia and 6th richest tech-billionaire in Asia.

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Monday, 23 February 2015

A Testimony Of Modestly And Humbleness – Niraj Goel

Niraj Goel is one of a kind personality who never believed in quitting. There are many adjectives that are used for describing this great personality. A few of those adjectives are ‘an innovator’, ‘a philanthropist’, ‘tech-entrepreneur’, ‘the next Warrant Buffet’, ‘the youngest NRI tech billionaire ever’, etc. He is also known to be the richest person in Singapore.

All of these titles are apt for describing different shades of his personality and they are not enough. There are many different shades of his personality that not many people are aware of. Everyone knows Niraj Goel for the success that he achieved and for the huge fortune he made for himself, but not many people are aware of the fact that this fine individual had a very humble beginning.

Niraj Goel didn’t inherit the business which he owns today. He came from a regular family and spent his childhood in Punjab eating street food with his friends. Years afterwards when he has achieved unprecedented level of success, Goel still misses those early years of his life and childhood.

Even though he has travelled almost the entire world, he still feels nostalgic whenever he thinks of those days. He can still remember the taste of street food he used to enjoy as a kid. Such humility is not often seen these days.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Improving The Field Of Technology – Niraj Goel

Niraj Goel is known for his immense contribution in the field of algorithmic technology. He was a student of Newport University in the United States. Before that he studied at Punjab University.

He is the founder of  Clone Algo  which has been in the making since 1988 and recently launched in one more company to his group 2014, Singapore Innovation League (SIL). There are several successful products that have been launched by his company. In the past few years, Goel has earned several titles in the media owing to his incredible success in the field of technology and innovation.

While, some address to him as ‘the next Warrant Buffet’, others call him a visionary and the youngest NRI tech billionaire. He is only 44, and at this young age, he has been able to secure for himself a fortune of several billion dollars.

His business is well blooming in several leading economies of the world like Singapore, the United States, and Germany. His company is going to make huge investments across India and Malaysia both of which happen to be developing countries.

Niraj intends on promoting algorithmic trading technology and related activities in these nations through a huge investment being used towards setting up research and development facilities in these countries.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A man known for his remarkable achievements

There is nothing you cannot achieve if you set your mind to it. That is the exact philosophy that Niraj Goel followed in life, and the rest as they say is history. The net worth that Goel has today is common knowledge. He earned billions of dollars all on his own, just because he had set his mind to it.

Goel has made his presence felt in so many economies of the world, Singapore being the primary one. He is the richest person in Singapore and one of the leading tech entrepreneurs from India.  Goel was not born with a silver spoon. He came from a middle class family, but instead of relying on a Godfather he chose to carve the path of success all on his own.

He decided to be his own guide and to make a fortune for himself while he was in college. He took off for Singapore with whatever money he had, and now he has built a huge empire in the field of algorithmic and second generation of social media technology.

His company Clone Algo Group is generating employment across India, Las Vegas, Singapore and many other countries. His company is contemplating plans to make further investments worth billions of dollars across India and Malaysia. The investment is intended to set up research and development centers in these countries to boost algorithmic trading practices through these nations.

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Next Warren Buffet – Niraj Goel

A firm believer in Nirvana, there is only so much that one can learn from Niraj Goel. At the age of only 44 this great personality has successfully been able to secure his name in the list of leading tech billionaires like Shiv Nadar, Azim Premji, and Fakhruddin Ahmed. While some turn into entrepreneurs over the period by embracing their business skills, others are born with those innate skills.

Niraj Goel was born with the skills of a leader and someone who guides others too. Goel began to realize his entrepreneurial streak when he was in college in the year 1988. A graduate from Newport University (class of 1993), this great personality is the founder and owner of Clone Algo Group, a significant player for algorithmic trading technology.

There are many companies included under his Clone Algo Group. At a young age, Goel took off to Singapore with not much cash in his hands. He shaped his own destiny solely with his vision and hard work.

Goel is hailed as the youngest self made tech billionaire from India and is also sometimes titled as the next Warren Buffet. He has revolutionized the art and science of revenue-generation by working on second generation social media space. He has changed man’s understanding of how to earn passive income.

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Monday, 9 February 2015

Recognizing your entrepreneurial streaks

While some people grow up with the idea of one day becoming an entrepreneur, others grow into developing this idea. Regardless, below are some signs that will help you identify your entrepreneurial streaks and tell you whether you are an entrepreneur or not.

This is probably by far the single most important characteristic and sign that someone is an entrepreneur. If you don’t have passion you will never make it towards success. There may be times in the life of a businessman when he may have to live with several days, months, and even years without the generation of any profits at all.

You as an entrepreneur may initially have absolutely no customer base, profits, and no financial support. It is being driven and being passionate that will keep you pushing forwards towards the goal. It is the passion that acts like a driving force towards the achievement of what you want to be regardless of the hardships and set-backs.

Another signs that you are an entrepreneur is if you are never used to taking no for an answer, ever! These people always figure out a way to make the impossible possible. They are fiercely competitive in nature. Just as they never take no for an answer, they are never willing to lose. It is in their nature. For them there are no ifs and buts.  

Niraj Goel:

It is because of the fiercely competitive nature of Niraj Goel, that he founded Clone Algo Group. He is a living testimony of what truly defines an entrepreneur.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Great Visionary and A Noble Man – Niraj Goel

There have been many great personalities in the world that changed the perspective of the entire world. One more name that was wrapped under the sheets for so long is, Niraj Goel. He is one of the few personalities who achieved great success all on his own.

He is said to be in the league of successful people like Warren Buffet, Shiv Nadar, Rattan Tata, etc. Owing to his great success which he gathered in the field of sophisticated algorithmic technology, Goel has many charitable trusts that are funded and sponsored by him.

The Goel’s Foundation Trust, Goel’s Healthcare Foundation Trust, and Goel’s Senior Citizens Foundation Trust are three of the major charitable organizations working under his name.

The first foundation works to provide children with the privilege to get quality education. Similarly, the trust for healthcare as the name is suggestive has been set up to those who can’t afford quality healthcare services on their own. The third foundation, which is Goel’s Senior Citizens Foundation Trust aims to help the elderly and aged people.

Other than all of this, he also founded the Singapore Innovation League which has pledged to offer a funding of SGD 1.5 billion to 500 startups in the field of technology that deserve to grow and flourish.

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