Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Improving The Field Of Technology – Niraj Goel

Niraj Goel is known for his immense contribution in the field of algorithmic technology. He was a student of Newport University in the United States. Before that he studied at Punjab University.

He is the founder of  Clone Algo  which has been in the making since 1988 and recently launched in one more company to his group 2014, Singapore Innovation League (SIL). There are several successful products that have been launched by his company. In the past few years, Goel has earned several titles in the media owing to his incredible success in the field of technology and innovation.

While, some address to him as ‘the next Warrant Buffet’, others call him a visionary and the youngest NRI tech billionaire. He is only 44, and at this young age, he has been able to secure for himself a fortune of several billion dollars.

His business is well blooming in several leading economies of the world like Singapore, the United States, and Germany. His company is going to make huge investments across India and Malaysia both of which happen to be developing countries.

Niraj intends on promoting algorithmic trading technology and related activities in these nations through a huge investment being used towards setting up research and development facilities in these countries.

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