Monday, 23 March 2015

Niraj Goel – A Visionary Technopreneur

With almost 28 years of experience in the field of Technological research and development as well as market making, Niraj Goel has established himself as a veteran. Calling him a prodigy would be an understatement.

He has spend over two decades developing Research and development center for various field some of which including Dukandari approach to algos, probability generation, as well as timing technology beyond technical analysis. Quite recently he founded SingaporeInnovation league (SIL). He is credited for developing more than one technology under the name Goel Ventures.


Some of his investments other than SIL are ecosystems and smart phone applications like Clone Algo, and YAY. Niraj Goel has been serving as the chairman of Dragon Holdings AG since the year 2010. He is currently o the supervisory board of the company. Owing to his innovation and visionary Goel has created a virtually integrated company under this name.

He has developed apps for this company such as risk management systems as well as (GAPG) Group Algorithm Profitability Generator. Goel established his first business venture when he was still in college. Other than Dragon Holdings, he has also established Clone Algo Inc.

His business venture Dragon Holdings in Germany is listed in Berlin Stock exchange. It has been listed under ticker symbol DRA. The ADR of Dragon Holdings ticker DRGHY is listed in the USA. His company Clone Algo Inc. develops various mobile applications using artificial intelligence in algorithms. Clone Algo Technologies Inc. (CATI) is a technology company and uses well advanced technologies in developing new media technologies, mobile applications and web applications, primarily, the company is funded by Singapore Innovation League. The company is listed at stock exchange in USA. Currently the company is working on various projects like YAY, iBID, etc.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

How To Keep Your Motivation Level High!

It is motivation and only motivation that helps us balance all aspects of our life. Motivation is what inspired us to keep doing certain things and push our own limits for the achievement of something. It helps us come out of our comfort zone. If we lack this one thing in our life we are likely to throw away our crucial time and neglect everything important in our life both professional and personal.
Even the people who are supposed to be most determined of all sometimes lose this crucial thing in life. Just like we need to bath everyday to keep our hygiene level optimum, the same way we need to give ourselves a daily dose of motivation to remind ourselves of what it is that we want from life. It takes a highly determined mind to keep up with it the way Niraj Goel did.
The best practice to keep your motivation level at par is to constantly keep reminding yourself of the goals. Generally we tend to divide our goals into as per short and long term. At no point allow yourself to lose sight of the goals or else you will continue to feel less and less motivated. Keep on checking how close you have gotten to the goal.
It is great to learn from greatest personalities like Niraj Goel and read their stories of how they achieved success. Take lessons from them and implement them in our lives.

Niraj Goel is a self made billionaire and Indian business magnate with highly established business in Singapore and several other countries. He was born in 1969 in Punjab, India. Goel owes his success to determination and will to achieve success.
Considering he oversees the work of his group that is functional across so many countries including the United States, Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia, Goel happens to have an extremely hectic schedule which is apparent from the fact that he sleeps only for an hour and works almost 100 hours a week.
He is a firm believer in the powers of medication as well as Nirvana. He practices meditation to keep his energy levels high. Over the last 28 Year Niraj Goel has done some major and intensive research across various technological and financial fields some of which include
  •        Timing technology beyond technical analysis
  •          probably generator
  •     and, Dukandari approach to algos
His major contribution comes from the field of artificial intelligence for which he devoted his time and efforts for development and designing of algorithms used for developing mobile applications, algo trading systems as well as risk management systems for financial items. Niraj Goel and his company have designed several products in terms of mobile apps.

Monday, 16 March 2015

A Genius In His Field – Mr.Niraj Goel

Niraj Goel is an Indian entrepreneur, who is primarily into technology and financial field. He is a tech billionaire from India who made a fortune for himself through financial trading. He is primarily a market maker, but just calling him that would be an understatement.

He is a highly influential and multi-talented person who has almost three decades of experience in financial and automated trading. Niraj Goel is a great personality to learn a lot from. He is very particular about his meditation schedule and he is also a firm believer in Nirvana.

There is a part of him that is into spirituality and no matter how filled up his work schedule is he never misses out on meditation.

Goel had great aspirations from the beginning about making a name for him in the technology and finance industry. Once he found the first step towards his destiny he never looked back, and as they say the rest is history.

Today he is counted among some of the most high profile and a-list entrepreneurs of not just India, but from the world. He started out from Punjab, and kept on creating a path for himself towards unprecedented success.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Imagine Success To Be Successful!

Who doesn’t want to achieve success in life! But wishing for it is easier than actually doing anything about it. Accomplishing a monumental goal becomes challenging because our lives are full of countless distractions. However, there are definitely certain ways which can help people stay focused on their goal and maintain a disciplined lifestyle that helps in the achievement of goal.

If you want to be successful you need to first imagine how it would feel to finally have success. Even Einstein said that strong imagination is more powerful than knowledge. The more accurately and clearly you can imagine success it will get easier for you to follow through. You can think of it how engineers first imagine the blueprints of a bridge before building it.

Try to be the engineer of your future and the success it should hold. Niraj Goel had his entire future planned out for himself. He was extremely precise about where you wanted to be, and how to go about it. We all can learn from Niraj Goel on how to imagine being successful.

Every single day we need to dedicate few minutes doing the same practice. Imagine how it feels to eventually get what you wanted. Savor that feeling and use that feeling as a source of motivation to keep that spark and drive for success alive.

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