Monday, 2 February 2015

Qualities of a Visionary Like Niraj Goel

If you have big ideas, the ones that no one even thought of, then you sure will be qualified as a visionary. Forward thinking is the main characteristic of a person which is titled to be as visionary. If you also want to qualify as one, then you should have a proposal that has the potential to change the world and how things are otherwise perceived by people.

There is no doubt that Niraj Goel is definitely a visionary of his time, considering right from the beginning his thinking was always ahead of time. He decided to become a part of algorithmic technology at a time when just a handful of people knew about it. His company Clone Algo has been in the making since 1988.

During the 80s, the field of technology was not the way we see it in today’s world. But Niraj knew that this technology will soon be considered cutting edge in the coming years. Therefore, he decided to work on something that was largely unexplored. Today, this technology is used for conducting more than eighty percent of trading activities that take place in the stock exchanges.

He is a significant part of this technology. His contributions have been possible because of his ahead of time and forward thinking. His approach was always creative and that is exactly what defines a visionary.

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