Monday, 23 March 2015

Niraj Goel – A Visionary Technopreneur

With almost 28 years of experience in the field of Technological research and development as well as market making, Niraj Goel has established himself as a veteran. Calling him a prodigy would be an understatement.

He has spend over two decades developing Research and development center for various field some of which including Dukandari approach to algos, probability generation, as well as timing technology beyond technical analysis. Quite recently he founded SingaporeInnovation league (SIL). He is credited for developing more than one technology under the name Goel Ventures.


Some of his investments other than SIL are ecosystems and smart phone applications like Clone Algo, and YAY. Niraj Goel has been serving as the chairman of Dragon Holdings AG since the year 2010. He is currently o the supervisory board of the company. Owing to his innovation and visionary Goel has created a virtually integrated company under this name.

He has developed apps for this company such as risk management systems as well as (GAPG) Group Algorithm Profitability Generator. Goel established his first business venture when he was still in college. Other than Dragon Holdings, he has also established Clone Algo Inc.

His business venture Dragon Holdings in Germany is listed in Berlin Stock exchange. It has been listed under ticker symbol DRA. The ADR of Dragon Holdings ticker DRGHY is listed in the USA. His company Clone Algo Inc. develops various mobile applications using artificial intelligence in algorithms. Clone Algo Technologies Inc. (CATI) is a technology company and uses well advanced technologies in developing new media technologies, mobile applications and web applications, primarily, the company is funded by Singapore Innovation League. The company is listed at stock exchange in USA. Currently the company is working on various projects like YAY, iBID, etc.

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