Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A Man Who Reached Pinnacle Of Success – Niraj Goel

A leading businessman of Indian origin, Niraj Goel is the owner of a huge corporate umbrella. His company Clone Algo Inc has been in the making since 1988 and was quite recently launched in the year 2014. His company is functional in various countries some of which include the United States, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Germany.

Other than Clone Algo Inc. Niraj Goel also oversees the activities related to Dragon Holdings AG which is another company founded by him that operates in Munich, Germany. Niraj Goel has been his own fortune maker. He always believed in integrity, hard work, and the powerful of undying willpower.

Goel was determined to achieve success in the world of entrepreneurship and business, and that is the keyword ‘determination’. He explored his entrepreneurial streaks for the first time at a very young age when he was still in college. After completing his education from Punjab University in Chandigarh and Newport University in the US, Goel went to Singapore to further explore his option.

In Singapore Goel explored the financial and technology industries. He is a remarkable market maker and a technopreneur. HE has spend around 26 years carrying out intense research and development work in het fields of Probability Generation, Timing Technology Beyond Technical Analysis, and Dukandari approach to Algos.

Other than Clone Algo, some of his other ventures include Singapore Innovation League (SIL) founded in 2014.

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