Monday, 16 March 2015

A Genius In His Field – Mr.Niraj Goel

Niraj Goel is an Indian entrepreneur, who is primarily into technology and financial field. He is a tech billionaire from India who made a fortune for himself through financial trading. He is primarily a market maker, but just calling him that would be an understatement.

He is a highly influential and multi-talented person who has almost three decades of experience in financial and automated trading. Niraj Goel is a great personality to learn a lot from. He is very particular about his meditation schedule and he is also a firm believer in Nirvana.

There is a part of him that is into spirituality and no matter how filled up his work schedule is he never misses out on meditation.

Goel had great aspirations from the beginning about making a name for him in the technology and finance industry. Once he found the first step towards his destiny he never looked back, and as they say the rest is history.

Today he is counted among some of the most high profile and a-list entrepreneurs of not just India, but from the world. He started out from Punjab, and kept on creating a path for himself towards unprecedented success.

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