Thursday, 15 January 2015

Generating Employment across Asian Economies

The boom that technology industry has gone through especially during the last decade is astounding. It is because of growth in this field that a lot of people have been able to get their dream jobs. Technology industry has made a huge contribution in generating more employment opportunities over the last few years especially for younger generations in various economies like that of Malaysia and India.

Niraj Goel, the founder of CloneAlgo Group is all set to generate even more job opportunities for people in India and Malaysia as he is set to make investments of Rupees 2000 crores in India and RM 500 million in Malaysia. This is huge news for these countries’s tech arena.

Niraj Goel’s area of expertise and specialization is in the financial trading business. He is a market maker and an innovator in the field of trading. He is best known for integrating technology in this field as his company has designed smart algorithms that offer automated trading services to people around the globe.

These huge investments by Goel’s group will be used towards launching and setting up a research facility, back office, and programming. The company will be doing further research into refining its trading algorithms into working faster and spotting trends.

The tailor made algorithms by Goel’s Clone Algo Group helps people generate passive income. This trading technology will be made better after the investment is made.

Meet Niraj Goel at:

Niraj Goel's Clone Algo group to invest Rs 2,000 crore in India 

Las Vegas-based Clone Algo group to invest Rs 2,000 cr in India

Clone Algo To Invest RM500 Million In Malaysia

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