Thursday, 29 January 2015

Avid writer and humanitarian – Mr. Goel

A self-made billionaire Niraj Goel was born in Punjab, India. Over the time the media has started giving him the title of ‘next warren buffet in making’. This great NRI entrepreneur has unleashed his potential which kept brewing during the last 26 years.

For all this time his company Clone Algo Group was in making since the year 1988. Goel today has a fortune of several billion dollars all of which was earned by him on his own.  He continues to inspire billions of young aspiring candidates who want to earn a name for them in the world of business.

This inspirational personality also happens to be an avid and highly active philanthropist. There are so many charitable institute functional thanks to the funding offered by Goel on a regular basis. While some of his charitable organizations provide funding for children’s education others are working for the betterment of poor sections and for helping the elderly and senior citizens.

In addition to all of his other contributions, Goel is also an avid writer. He has authored a couple of books all of which revolve around his inspiring success story.  How I traded $300 billion in one year, billionaire Buddha, How I made my first billion, and The Billionaire in You are some of his offerings in the field of writing. 

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