Monday, 19 January 2015

A testament of humility – Niraj Goel

An extremely rooted and humble personality, Niraj Goel is a fine testimony of humility and humbleness. Despite having achieved unprecedented success in world of business and technology, this great personality is still rooted and grateful for his humble beginning. He derives pleasure in seeing others become as successful as he is today.

The founder of Clone Algo Group, Niraj Goel has earned a worth of several billion dollars as of now. He spends a substantial percentage of his income in uplifting the poverty-stricken sections of the society and those who are in need of it. There are several charitable organizations that are sponsored by him.

He is very particular about helping various sections of the society. The reason behind why this highly successful businessmen and market maker is so considerate about helping others is probably because he still remembers his humble beginning.

Goel knows the kind of struggle people have to make when they are not born with a silver spoon. Goel is the first in his line to have earned a name in the corporate world, all on his own. He was born in a middle class family and used to enjoy street food with his friends in the streets of his home town Ludhiana, in Punjab.

Goel still misses that time and even though he has travelled almost the entire world, he still misses the taste of that street food.

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