Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Small Town Dweller That Became a Prominent Tech Billionaire

Niraj Goel comes from a small town in India located in the state of Punjab. This small town boy was born to be a ruler. Who would have thought that someone coming from a regular family background would make it to such great heights of success?

Niraj with his efforts has proved that sky is the limit. He is a living testimony that hard work pays off. Goel today is counted in the league of personalities like Shiv Nadar, Ratan Tata, and all the great leaders form India. In fact he is not given the title of the next Warren Buffet from India.

Niraj is the founder of Clone AlgoGroup that is functional in several countries like Singapore, India, New Zealand, UAE, Germany, Malaysia and the United States of America.

This gentleman particularly has strong standing in Singapore. He is the richest person in Singapore and one of the leading tech billionaires from India in all over the world. Goel has amazing reach in the world of business particularly in the technology industry that belongs to artificial intelligence.

Goel has been a part of tech arena for the last 26 years and more. He has made a significant contribution in this field.

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